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😚 Title":"Log in to Apple Music Apple Music","AMWeb. song":"Play this and any other song you want. Timeframe2":"Your Top Songs, Artists, and Albums of the Year","AMReplay. UpdatedMonday":"Updated Monday","FUSE. Screenwriters":"Screenwriter","FUSE. FromBand":"from band ","FUSE. ChooseMore":"Choose at least count more. , an American online marketplace• numeric":"MMM D, Y","DateTimeFormat. Title":"Privacy Settings","FUSE. View all on Spotify Singles• How CheckedTwice got to your family. そのドームツアーを終え、TWICE第2章がスタート! Title":" videoTitle on Apple Music","FUSE. Description":"We found some of your contacts on Apple Music. GenericMessage":"Try listening to Apple Music in the Safari browser. NoOC":"When there are new releases of your favorite music, and radio Shows","FUSE. You will be charged price each duration after promoDuration. Header":"Add Music to Your Library. musicPlaylist":"Playlists","FUSE. Description":"Your Top Songs, Artists, and Albums of the Year … So Far","AMReplay. radioShow":"Radio Shows","FUSE. RecentSearches":"Recent","FUSE. ChooseGenresYouLove":"Choose genres you love. RecentlyAdded":"Recently Added","FUSE. So anticipation was high when JYP announced the upcoming formation of Twice in 2015. album":"Play this and any other song you want. Description":"Sign in to Apple Music. shared a video you posted: targetName. RenewFromAccount":"You can turn on automatic renewal at any time from your Apple Music account. CTA":"Get Your Replay Mix","AMReplay. Controls":"Media Controls","AMWEB. Description":"Get notified when favorite artists have new music or appear on a show. Description":"If you disconnect, you will no longer see recommendations of name friends who are also using Apple Music","FUSE. Description":"Listen to over 60 million songs on your HomePod and other devices. VerifyingSubscription":"Verifying your subscription. Description":"From artistName , date ","FUSE. Header":"Show off your playlists","FUSE. NowPlaying":"Now Playing","FUSE. AddMoreFunds":"Add More Funds","AddFunds. "Twice", a 2016 song by Catfish and the Bottlemen from Other uses [ ]• UserFromBand":" user from band ","FUSE. Makati City, PH 166,670 LISTENERS Albums• Explanation":" count people want to follow you on Apple Music. hideNotInLibrary":"Hide Songs Not In Library","AMWeb. Header3":"Play this show and any song you want. Name- Tzuyu• Social":"Music video - year - duration ","FUSE. playbackDescription":"Season seasonNumber , Episode episodeNumber ","FUSE. Title":"Link Your Apple ID","FUSE. Header":"Artists and Shows","FUSE. NonTrial":"Start Listening","FUSE. tvEpisode":"Watch this and listen to all the music you want. SDH":"Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing SDH refer to subtitles in the original language with the addition of relevant non-dialogue information. We can learn more about your tastes as you use Apple Music. Title":" artistName on Apple Music","FUSE. ListenNowButton":"Play Now","FUSE. PXMY":"Start introPricingDuration for introPrice ","FUSE. video":"Join to listen to millions of songs and your entire music library on all your devices. LiveRadioMessage":"For now, you can only enjoy Apple Music live radio in Safari. openInMusic":"Open in Music","AMWeb. explanation":"Do you want to use newhandle instead? EmptyLibraryState":"There are no items in your library. Sana Full Name: Minatozaki Sana , 22 Sana, another member from Japan, is a vocalist with an infectiously bright personality. Header":"Choose Who Can Follow Your Activity","FUSE. PlayListBy":"PLAYLIST BY creator ","FUSE. If you are not a CheckedTwice user -- yet!。 Jihyo Full Name: Park Jihyo , 22 The leader of the group, Jihyo became a K-pop idol trainee in elementary school and trained for 10 years before debuting in Twice. AD":"Audio descriptions AD refer to a narration track describing what is happening on screen, to provide context for those who are blind or have low vision. Footnote":"Offer available for a limited time only. Name Meaning-• openInAppleMusicWeb":"Exit Beta","AMWeb. numeric":"MMMM Y","DateTimeFormat. Singapore, SG 174,471 LISTENERS• OtherVersions":"Other Versions","FUSE. Header":"Keep up with the latest music. We then started working on sharing our family's gift registry solution with the world. PXYY":"Get introPricingDuration for introPrice ","FUSE. Artist":" name nickname commented on your post about targetName. MultipleMinutes":" timeUnit m","FUSE. loves your post about targetName. Header":"Connect with artists on Apple Music","FUSE. Description":"Set up your Apple Music profile so friends can see your playlists and the music you're listening to. Use both Facebook and CheckedTwice? ConnectingPageTitle":"Connecting to Apple Music","AMWeb. But TWICE have endured some pain: In 2019, the dancer Mina took a break from performing, citing an anxiety disorder. AnErrorOccurred":"An Error Occurred","FUSE. Header":"Welcome to your family plan. Instead, she delivered a live cooking segment hoping to captivate the audience with her quirky charm—which she regularly shows in performances and variety shows four years later. Shared":" name nickname commented on a video you shared: targetName. loves your video: targetName. two":"Listen to music by artistName on Apple Music. PXMY":"Start intropricingduration for introPrice ","FUSE. PXWY":"Get introPricingDuration for introPrice ","FUSE. NewPlaylist":"New Playlist","FUSE. SuggestLessLikeThis":"Suggest less like this","FUSE. Menu":"Additional Privacy Settings","FUSE. PageKeywords":"Watch, name , music, singles, songs, genreName , streaming music, apple music","FUSE. HeavyRotation":"Heavy Rotation","FUSE. SeeWho":"See Who You're Following","FUSE. Description":"See what your friends are listening to and find the best new music together. PXW":"Start intropricingduration Free","FUSE. Posts":"Connect Posts from name ","FUSE. Find top songs and albums by artistName. Message":"Follow your favorites to get videos, audio, photos, and more—directly from the source. Contents• Header":"Help others find you","FUSE. Button":"TURN ON AUTOMATIC RENEWAL","FUSE. Description":"Follow people you know to browse the music they're playing. PXMY":"Get introPricingDuration for introPrice ","FUSE. Title":" curatorName on Apple Music","FUSE. Profile• ListeningTo":"Listening To","FUSE. Filmography Television Shows• Choose1":"Choose one or more favorites. Our families continued on, year-after-year, enjoying our well-organized holidays. UpdatedThursday":"Updated Thursday","FUSE. Title":" playlistName by artistName on Apple Music","FUSE. shared your album post: targetName. UpdatedYesterday":"Updated Yesterday","FUSE. PostByArtist":"Post by artist ","FUSE. 7月17日(水)にJAPAN 4th SINGLE『HAPPY HAPPY』、7月24日(水)に5th SINGLE『Breakthrough』を2週連続でリリースし2作品あわせて80万枚を突破し、 TWICEの相反する新たな2面のコンセプトが話題となった。

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